About Us

Husband-and-wife team Angie and Hank started These Four Walls shortly after the birth of their first child. Doors opened for business in the spring of 2006, and the dragonfly has been leading folks in ever since.

More than 5 years and two more kids later, the store is better than ever, led by our awesome store manager, Darrell. We have listened and responded to our customers, who return to us to find something a little out of the ordinary. Something to add character, warmth, or whimsy. Something that speaks to them and makes them smile (yes, furniture can do that!). Our customers also come for our smaller things. Like our menagerie of metal animals and our funky clocks. Customers come in need of the perfect gift for that special someone that they can’t find anywhere else. We admit it: We’re different. But we’re good different. And we’re proud to say so.

When we travel, we look for amazing hand-crafted pieces that we ourselves would be delighted to have in our home. We search for pieces that are representative of a particular region (“Colonial-style” ornately-carved chairs from Peru, for example), and we buy the pieces directly from the artists or craftsmen who make them. In many cases, we have visited their homes and met their families.

While our buying trips often take us beyond our borders, we are always on the hunt for wonderful American-made goods. A small but growing part of the store is devoted to regionally-produced merchandise, from soap made just up the street to pottery crafted in nearby Bedford, Virginia. In addition, much of the art that covers our walls are original works by local artists. In fact, we have never turned down a brave artist’s request for us to carry his/her art and we likely never will.